"One day I was invited by a friend to a motivational course...after that there was a lot of studies. Working in small and big centres I understood that the problems, the necessities, the management, the targets and above all the expenses and the revenues were really different from the way I figured out as instructor.

In conclusion VISION and MISSION had different dimensions after having realized who gives a service.
I listened to, I studied a lot and I elaborated and now this job has become one of my products and I can propose it: I devote myself to TEAM BUILDING, MOTIVE and COACHING programs in fitness centres or sport clubs for group works and new strategies.

Why? I infinitely love that because it is "the new" and it is something extremely current, glamorous, vital and it works! Because it deals with human RESOURCES which aren't extinguished if they are productive and they have an overwhelming power if we share the same targets.

Because team work means GROWING UP every day and recognizing yourself.
If you have an advanced centre or if you want to, it will be necessary a successful image.

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