In summer 2000, the first one weekend summer school in Parma was founded just as a challenge after a meeting in the fresh mountain air with M.Luisa Burani, the real beginning...
Winter School in Bologna, Naples and Treviso
Then in Altamura, Milan and Massa...and...the Summer School in RICCIONE.

These schools are places of accurate technical study and culture for teachers, choreographers, dancers and neophytes but also places of meeting, exchange, acquisition and consciousness of one's own path.
A defined approach to the "method" in order to arrive to one's own best performance, class or group.

Aiming for the best it can be, this school WANTS to be ONE of the places where you can get all you need to achieve an elevate and complete product.
br /> There are two kinds of Hip Hop School; the first is a winter school lasting seven months, one monthly lesson; the latter is a Summer School lasting about three/four days and following an intensive program.
The Winter Hip Hop School has a three-year-path and it is divided into several levels while the Summer Hip Hop School is organized in just one level and it is a unique product.

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