He had been practising a lot of sports at a high level for a long period, but the great part of his agonistic career was devoted to baseball; he won two Italian titles together with the Collecchio Baseball Club (Parma).

Then, he completely dedicated himself to aerobics and fitness; in these disciplines he has solid professional bases he acquired in Italy and then in the USA where he specialized in the best American Schools. Here he refined his knowledge in personal training.
Meanwhile he met the hip hop culture -it was emerging in Italy too- and he looked curiously to this new world. This curiosity will become a great passion.
The title of the 1997 FederFunk Italian Champion makes him famous in the hip hop world and since then he has been always present at the most important Conventions.

In 1998 he won the CRUISIN award as Presenter Revelation of the year.

He is always keen on sports and competitive spirit and he created competition routines for great champions (such as Silvia Zanet, Michela Bolla, Federico Focherini) approaching to the body building world as a preparer and a choreographer.
In the next years he became one of the best members of the Italian hip hop and he was so famous that he worked in prestigious events in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Tunisia, Turkey, Brazil.

He choreographed and prepared competitive hip hop groups but also professional men and women working in the fashion world.
He had been a teacher at the Artide Academy (Cremona) for a long time. He was a teacher of gestual communication in some Italian prisons; his teaching was part of an innovative project (Study and Work Centre "La Cremeria") planned and coordinated by the European Community.

In 2000, he founded the Italian Jo Sassi Hip Hop School in order to make this culture and dance famous and well-known.
He desired to take care of the final client as well as the entire context, so he began studying marketing and communication and specialized in this area.
He devotes to Team Building and Motivational Programs in fitness centres, sport clubs and social contexts.

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